Social Experiments

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Over the years, I have tried out various kinds of things. Dancing, for instance. I have done classes in salsa, set dancing, African dancing, zumba, flamenco and blues. I believe I have great rhythm but the problems set in when I try to coordinate with another person. Maybe I am destined to be a solo dancer. I don’t mind, because I will keep dancing anyway, no matter what. At the last family wedding, I was quite tired and therefore looked a bit less mad than usual on the dancing front. I heard that some of my family were relieved. I can’t imagine why. Last weekend, I tried out something new: Chanting and Chai. It was the singing of kirtans (devotional singing, non denominational, in English, Hindu, Sanskrit and possibly a couple of other languages.) It was great fun, followed by a meditation where the man played a sitar (very relaxing) and followed by (in the Irish tradition) big mugs of tay and hefty doorstep sandwiches. Food for the body as well as the soul! I had a ball. I even met someone with the same first name as me, who put me in the direction of a new type of dancing I haven’t yet tried. So even though it’s freezing out and snow is forecast, I feel cheerful and am already looking forward to my next dancing experiment. Watch this space!

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