Tender Loving Kitty Care

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Today I got the big cage out of the shed, and have it set up with a litter tray and an electric heat pad. I covered it with a blanket. My four cats were agog. Who is going to be in this cage? Can we help by sitting on top of it? What’s going on? I explained to them that Samson, a terminally ill cat is coming to stay with us for a little while and that everyone should stay calm. He is FIV positive, so he has to stay in the cage until they are all out of the room. It’s only transmitted through biting though and he is a friendly boy so all will be well. Samson is actually in good form, but is painfully thin at 2.4 kgs. He was checked by the vet last week who said that the prognosis is not good. His immune system is shot to bits. Of course, it will all end in tears (mine) but I want to offer him some TLC, healing Reiki and try to build him up a little. The goal is to make him as comfortable as possible because he has had a hard life on the street. If he gets into distress, then we will let him go. He will be in the sitting room, beside the fire, offered little tidbits a few times a day and get plenty of strokes and cuddles. No doubt my furry crew will be trying to eyeball him but it’ll be okay. They are all in marathon snooze mode these short winter days and after five minutes excitement on his arrival tomorrow, they’ll probably yawn and go back asleep. Cats have it all figured out.

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