Power to the Self-publishers, yay!

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Being a newbie author way back in January this year, I used a company to publish my eBook while I published the print version myself. Last week I wanted to add in some good reviews to the Kindle version and contacted the company. It would cost £36 to add in one page! And the same for any future minor changes. And I discovered, because (a) I didn’t read the small print and (b) I wouldn’t have understood it even if I had read it – that I would have to continue to pay this company every year to keep my ebook in circulation. Doh! So I got them to delist it and this morning, reuploaded it to Amazon. I was really nervous that I would make a bags of it but it seemed to go fine. This means I now can make changes when I want and not have to pay for it each time. So I encourage other newbie self-publishers to do the same.  Go for it – and remember to celebrate your successes, however small. (Full moon tonight, watchout world!)

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