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Being a writer requires a level of introspection and writers are often introverts. That makes it even more important to regularly connect with people in order to stay connected to the human world. Sometimes it is necessary to venture out of the cave and blink in the light of good company. You are probably familiar with the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and you could consider this as an Artist’s Date. I recently went to an outing of the Vegetarian Society in a vegetarian co-op in Dublin and was highly amused and entertained. The co-op is a fantastic place with different food stalls, bakery stalls, a cafe and live music on a Sunday. There were about twelve of us, from five different countries, and we all chatted away happily. I noticed that when one person returned to the table with their food, all chatter stopped and everyone fixed laser stares on the newly arrived food. “Ooooh! That looks good! What is it? Which stall did it come from?” The questions were repeated with each different person who arrived at the table and I realised that I had found my tribe – people who love both animals and food equally passionately. I left the co-op with a full heart and belly and a smile on my face. So open up and dive into good company to fill your soul for the coming week. Your creative output and your life will be all the better for it.

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