3 Top Tips for New Self-Publishers

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3 Top Tips for New Self-Publishers

When I am self-publishing my next book, here is what I will do differently:

  1. Keep it simple. Amazon has 80% of the eBook market, so if I get my eBook up through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that is a great start.
  2. Amazon also own Createspace. So when I get my paperback listed in Createspace, it automatically lists it on Amazon. Like I said, keep it simple.
  3. Do the paperback first. Or at least, get the paperback to the point where I can order a proof copy. I had printed out my manuscript numerous times, but for some reason, I was able to see many more ways to improve it when I held the first proof copy in my hands. I made the changes, uploaded the file, and ordered another proof copy. There were only one or two minor changes I could see needed doing at that point, so I proofed it online, and then it was ready to publish.

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  1. Thank you for this! We are looking into possibly getting into self-publishing with our book idea. This article, video and your download has really gave us some useful information. 🙂


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