Welcome Distractions from Work

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As I write I’m looking at a seven month old kitten called Daisy May that had her front paw amputated last week. I offered to foster her for a couple of weeks to make sure she didn’t develop a post-op infection. If I could bottle this kitten’s attitude I’d be a millionaire. She is up and about, with no signs of pain or depression; she is eating, drinking and even playing. Her favourite toy is a tuft of discarded fur she found in Sid’s basket. He is a long-haired Norwegian Forest cat, miffed but asleep upstairs on the bed as HIS sitting room has been purloined for this temporary intruder. So for me, playing with Daisy May is a wonderful alternative to “pc Kung Fu” where I wrestle with foolish things like how to get the URL of my new Youtube channel, and the computer freezes before I save work, and the worn cable has to be coaxed to work by moving its position ten times – which leads me to want to do a Miss Piggy-style “Ah yah” and not only chop the laptop in two but also cause myself further grief by throwing it through the window. But I won’t throw it through the window, because that would frighten Daisy May, and nobody is going to stand around my graveside and say, “Hey, didn’t she have a great Youtube channel,” but they might just say that I loved animals and never frightened them on purpose. Like Daisy May and her absent leg, it’s all a question of perspective. But just in case you’re interested, here’s a short trailer of what I intend my Youtube channel to be about.

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