Mind Over Matter

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I came across a piece of wise advice last year about goal setting: instead of setting annual goals, set goals over a three year time span instead. As I was opening my journal to write my Morning Pages (thank you Julia Cameron for that invaluable idea) I came across my three year plan written in January 2015. Lo and behold, I am actually on track with quite a few of them. It reinforced for me how important it is to WRITE down goals, as it takes them out of the ether and your head and makes them more concrete. The process also primes the subconscious mind to move towards their manifestation. One of my goals was to have my first book published by 31/12/15, towards which I am making progress, even if it is at a glacial pace. I won’t go into the gory detail of my obstacles today, except to say two things: firstly, it is quite difficult to type with a ten pound cat lying on your keyboard. And secondly, I am lucky I did not have to get a new window installed due to having thrown the computer out through it. It’s not just me, though! Yesterday I met my BFF who actually teaches computer skills to beginners. We compared computer challenges of the week and concluded that if the beginners knew what lay in store for them with recalcitrant programs, slow internet access, and computers doing things you never asked or wanted them to do – they would just give up. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Many, many years ago when I was a student nurse, a man who was very pleasantly confused was admitted. He grabbed me and swung me around the ward because he thought we were at a tea dance. When I saw him again two days later, he had had a below-knee amputation. He saw me, leaped out of his chair – and swung me around the ward again. He didn’t know he had lost a leg so he just kept going. Mind over matter. If he could do that, I can get this book published, come what may. I just need to stick with it and keep going. And if you’re working towards your goal, you need to do the same, because we can either have our excuses (furry and otherwise) or we can achieve our dreams. Let’s hang in there together!

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