Slow Progress to Self-Publishing

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Are you a writer? If you are, I’ll bet you are a part-time one. Most of us part-time writers are trying to fit in some writing in between work, child care, elder care, pet care, food shopping and oh yes, time to sleep. Nowadays, to become a self-published author we also have to add “Becoming an Online Marketing Guru” to the ever-expanding list. On the positive side of things, I have already started the rough draft of my second book. On the not-so-positive side of things, I’m not making much progress at ascending into a state of marketing Guru-ness. It took me over an hour to create a Mailchimp account and then create a link to setting up a newsletter sign-up form on my blogsite. At this rate, I’ll be old and grey before I get anywhere. Oh wait – I’m already old (and suspiciously blonde, not grey) so no worries on that front. I guess it’s just a question of keeping at it, word by word, day by day. No shortcuts and no substitute for hard work. I’m off now, to bury my head in yet another article on How to Build an Author Platform, when I would prefer to be burying my head reading a book that someone else wrote.

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