Acrocats and Grounded Bats

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Wednesdays are usually good days for me. I go to Dog’s Aid animal sanctuary to offer some healing to the animals. I start off with the cats. Yesterday I brought a new catmint plant that had come from donation money. I had brought a healthy catmint plant three weeks earlier and when I planted it and stood back to look at it, it was like a scene from The Birds, only with cats. About eight cats were advancing on it, drawn by the smell. One of them, Paul, rolled in it and then did a headstand. When I came back the following week, there were three shreds left. So I put the new one in a hanging basket to try to preserve it for longer than a day. Jingles, an all black kitty, was last seen doing acro-catics to get at it. We shall see how long this one lasts!

Merlin is a beautiful tuxedo cat who has been in the cattery since he was a kitten, over two and a half years now. He was one of three kittens. His brother Pluto is also still in the cattery. Merlin is usually quiet but yesterday he approached me and followed me, being unusually vocal. When I sat down to start the healing, he jumped up on my knee and stayed there for 45 minutes, soaking up the healing. That’s a lot of healing for a cat to take, usually ten or twenty minutes will do unless they are injured. He seemed physically okay but sad in himself. On one hand I felt guilty giving him so much individual time, and on the other hand he clearly needed it. I also set the intention that as the healing goes to one animal it simultaneously goes out to them all. That’s the best I can do. Too many animals, not enough time or hands. However, I always make sure that every single one gets a titbit of ham or chicken at least, and ask the angels to help us get good homes for as many as possible.


When I went into the small dog section, there was a new dog, a female Chihuahua. She looked me straight in the eye and I knew she had been through the wars. She climbed up on my knee for some healing. I hope and trust it brought her some comfort.

I was getting ready to leave when a man arrived with an injured Pipistrelle bat in a box. Batty was only three centimetres wide. I love bats and think they are amazing. I sat on the step of the van with the box between my hands (we kept him in the box to keep him warm) and did some healing work on him. Beside me in a large carrier was a dog called Toby who had been surrendered when his family had to leave their rented house. The landlord wanted to sell it so the family had to move back home to live with their parents. Toby was understandably distressed and bewildered to have lost his home and family all in the one day. Real estate collateral damage, eh? When I do my healing work, I yawn a lot. What is happening is that the stress/issue of the person or animal is being released through my energy field and body. I don’t know whether it was Batty or Toby, but one or both of them clearly received healing as I was yawning my head off! I reassured Toby that he was safe here, it was nothing he had done and not his fault that he ended up at Dog’s Aid. Batty was moving around a bit as I finished so let’s hope for the best. Later in the evening, Sid, one of my own four cats, insisted on a bit of TLC healing too, so all round it was a good day on the healing front. That’s why I love Wednesdays!

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