Grace Bringing Favours

It’s been a rough year, and it’s only May. I won’t go into the gory details of why, except to say that an elderly mother is part of the equation. For those of you caring for an elderly parent, enough said. So I have needed to regroup. Part of what I have done in the last few months was to take a sabbatical from writing anything other than my Morning Pages (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.) It has been a time of paring down commitments in order to give myself time to recover. One of the great things that has supported me is the Tai Chi class I started going to last October. I love it. It requires total attention to detail so the thinking mind has to go on holiday. It’s also very graceful and flowing, like a slow dance. We do the form, or practice of the 108 moves, in total silence. I find it incredibly peaceful. Mobile phone off, quietness, and moving meditation. It teaches you patience, because you practice and practice and then one day, you find that you know a bit of it, and gradually add a little more to what you know. It can’t be rushed. I know about the first eight moves and the two snake movements, that’s all. I bought a bamboo plant and put it in a pot in the back garden. The bamboo is on one side of me and the shed is on the other in a very small space as I try to practice the little I know out of sight of the neighbours, so that they won’t call for a strait jacket for me. The second string of my regaining my equilibrium has been my daily meditation practice, a godsend in tough times. It’s a lovely rest for the mind and helps me focus on all my blessings, of which there are many. Of course the cats are a great help too. Felicity leaped on a sheet hanging over the stairs last week, and slid down the bannister with claws stuck in the fabric, a look of total shock on her face. It was the funniest thing I have seen all year and gave me a much-needed belly laugh. So I am grateful for all mercies, large and small, and especially the way the Universe responded when I asked for help in regaining my joie de vivre. Try it. Sure what have you got to lose?! 🙂


Holiday Gift

thumbnail-of-book-coverLimited time offer: Buy a copy (paperback or digital) from any online retailer of How to Love Yourself in Less Than 50 Years by Marese Hickey and receive a free downloadable companion CD of Guided Meditations of the book. Offer closes at midnight on December 31st 2016 (any time zone). Email your purchase confirmation to to receive your downloadable CD which has eight tracks based on the book. Happy holidays!

How to Unstick a Crazymaker Relationship

IMG_20151024_172229746_HDRBesides being a writer, I’m also an energy healer and clinical hypnotherapist. I’m fascinated by metaphysics and how the energy of intention works. I’m always open to new perspectives on how to improve my life. I road test the idea on myself, and if it works well, I then offer it to my clients. I am my own guinea pig! I’ve learned so many techniques over the years that sometimes I forget to use really great ones. A case in point emerged a few days ago when I had to deal with a crazymaker. Let me explain what a crazymaker is. A crazymaker is a person whose default position is No. No to everything. Quite often this is because they want to be in control. They want to be in control because they feel insecure. So they will often say No even if they want to say Yes, just because someone else wants them to say Yes. That way, they at least retain the power of refusal. Crazymakers are full of fear, and they take up huge swathes of your time with their fuss and dramas. My theory is that everyone has at least one crazymaker in their life. Have you one in yours?

I was reminded through a podcast about a technique called the Ho Oponopono. It comes from the Hawaiian shamanic tradition. There is a story about a doctor who starts work in a secure psychiatric facility. It held long term patients with chronic conditions and most of them were violent. The doctor imagined a patient sitting in front of him, and said to them in his mind: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” This is the Ho Oponopono. He did this to one patient at a time, in his mind. To his amazement and delight, the patients’ behaviour changed because in using the Ho Oponopono, the doctor shifted the energy and opened up new possibilities. Through the power of his compassion, the patients became less violent and more co-operative. Some of them started taking part in arts and crafts. Some of them were released.

If you choose to try the Ho Oponopono, know that while it is safe to do so, it is a powerful tool. Expect miracles and be grateful to the Universe when they happen! It is important, however, to speak only the truth, so if you don’t love the person, instead of saying “I love you,” I suggest you say instead “I salute the Divinity in you.”

Also, people have asked me indignantly “Why should I say I’m sorry to HIM when it was he who did this to ME?” Great question. My answer is that the Crazymaker is usually in good form. They are unconsciously feeding off your energy because they don’t know how to renew their own spiritual energy. They mistakenly think they are alone and disconnected from their Source energy. That is a misperception. So the Crazymaker is fine, but you are not. You may be stressed, tense, anxious, eating/drinking/smoking – doing anything to stuff down the frustration caused by dealing with them. So the only one who is suffering is you. You are therefore the only one who can do anything about it. Just imagine how much energy would be freed up in your life if this relationship became unstuck!

I used it last week with my personal crazymaker, and am blown away with the results. The default No became Yes. It was so miraculous that I have to sign off now to buy a lottery ticket, because I think, “If I can change that relationship, I can do ANYTHING!”

So if you have a stuck crazymaker relationship mired in drama and powerplays, try it out. What have you got to lose? Let me know how you get on.